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Brand official website construction

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Energy storage products have occupied the first place in the industry for two consecutive years and ranked eighth in the industry sales

Robestec focuses on providing integrated energy storage system solutions with energy storage products optimized for customer needs. These turnkey ESS solutions meet the needs of residential, commercial, industrial, grid-side and utility-side applications to build a low carbon power ecosystem.

Project story


Brand official website construction

vi visual design



Project objective

From data-driven insights to user experience
Ronghe needed an innovative rebranding and official website construction solution that not only integrated multiple data resources to provide users with in-depth business insights, but also focused on optimizing user experience in the Asia Pacific region to ensure immediacy and accuracy of information, thereby promoting efficient execution of business decisions.


Shortest user path & rich visual experience
In the face of numerous existing information publishing platforms, we hope to create a mobile webpage with visual memory and high-quality user experience on the basis of combining the basic needs of customers.
Differentiated design is made in many mobile media release web pages, combining the familiar news browsing experience of users with more convenient, faster and richer design.
· Delicate, rich and rigorous in visual perception;
· From the logical structure, with the help of fast classification, users can quickly land the corresponding content at multiple levels;
· Convenient, fast and focused user experience.


Ronghe Yuan Reserve, as a leader in green energy technology, has been committed to providing cutting-edge and efficient energy storage solutions for customers around the world. To better serve customers in the Asia Pacific region and meet their need to access and share information at any time. Rongheyuan Energy Storage's official website will become an important bridge between the company and customers in the Asia-Pacific region. Customers can easily access the web page through an Internet device to keep abreast of the company's latest developments, product information and technological progress. This innovative move will not only enhance the customer experience, but also further strengthen the close connection between the company and its customers.


Customer: 融和元储   Robestec
Creative Director: Guan Guan Galya
Project management:jiahao zhao
UI:yi jiang、Jin
Dynamic design:Mengyang
Development:Development team
Release time:Sep. 2023


Golden 15 seconds - User shortest path
Peak experience - Brand visual highlight

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