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Medical biology and website visual design solutions

Share 22 medical websites and explain the steps for disseminating medical-related design thinking to learn how Gold 15' goes about landing projects.



Recently, the medical and medical related industries to build a website demand for consultation increased sharply, here we share a number of medical websites, and briefly describe the medical industry related website design thinking, how to get through the steps, which can let you better understand our proposed gold 15' is how to start the project landing.


一、Determine the positioning of medical enterprises


二、Content design


Content design is the basic preparation work before the start of our website design, which is mainly divided into four steps:

① Collect; ② Finishing; ③ Induction; ④ Primary and secondary


Step1  Logical layout - The results to be obtained are as follows: * Here we need to plan according to user habits and enterprise delivery demands


Step2  Design target words - The results need to be as follows:


We hold brainstorming that can be refuted in real time 1: Take medical devices as an example



We can derive a lot of keywords about ** (these keywords are required, see note 1 for details), gray is the brainstorming spot was "attack" dropped, yellow is the second "attack" dropped, and finally we can integrate 5 target words as the design basis and creative distribution starting point of ** project:


The first feedback on medical and medical websites: These we call industry keywords 2, these are the basis for the needs of this industry:


三、Dominant tone


If there is a Vi manual, you can directly refer to the specifications in the Vi manual. If there is no VI manual, do the color matching according to the enterprise logo. Take ** medical devices as an example:






A flash of good idea is the need for daily accumulation, more think, split, combination, transformation of continuous practice: follow a few principles to find inspiration, in accordance with our above determined "positioning" "target words" "industry keywords" based on a large number of the following steps:


① Collect; ② Extraction; (That's input, output)



22 sites shared?:


Clinical development of KCR https://www.kcrcro.com/


CMAX clinical study https://www.cmax.com.au/ 


Pacific International Hospital - Multidisciplinary hospital for children and adults https://pacifichosp.com/zh


Geological science intelligent software https://earthanalytics.ai/#Intro


BRAINFUTURES Brain neuroscience research http://brainfutures.idea-booth.com/


AANIKA Institute of Molecular Research http://brainfutures.idea-booth.com/

① The experience feels like the cohesive dynamic of chewing gum blowing bubbles, following;

② The style and interaction of the mouse are like the feeling of jumping bed in mid-air, the feeling of free fall, attraction;

③ The overall structure layout draws up most of the white space, full of breathing sense,


LIMBIC Pain Managementhttps://www.limbicmedical.com/

① The opening chapter is full of human intentions, is the yearning for freedom (although the first impression is travel);

② 四周留白的相框设计,使得视觉更加的集中;


ILLUSTRATION MÉDICALE https://www.illustration-medicale.fr/

① Canvas levitates randomly floating bacteria;


MicroPort  http://www.microport.com.cn/

① The perfect combination of red and blue;

② Strong humanistic atmosphere and emotional appeal;

③ Break through the traditional division of diamond layout;


Templatemonster  http://t.hk.uy/jyZ

① Regular layout;

② Rich layout planning;


ヤギ調剤薬局 https://yagipharmacy.co.jp/

① The warm humanistic color of the opening, the infectious smile;



① A charity foundation platform focusing on medicine;

② Capable layout + video interspersed, let users stay;


MedExpert  https://medexpert.group/en/


KooyongGroup https://www.cancerresearchfdn.org/

① Medical device and drug registrar


Kansai HIV https://www.kansai-hiv.com/

① Solid color dynamic background - crisp, focused;


Science Park High-tech incubation https://www.sciencepark.at/#

① 3D follow dynamic sphere;

② The layout is crisp and clean;


Inovarion Life Sciences Research Center https://www.inovarion.com/

① Home particle blocking dynamic effect;

② The layout is simple and clean;


Dental-inpuls The layout is simple and clean; https://dental-inpuls.hr/en/

① Start straight to the point;


Kineff Skin Management - Products https://kineff.co.kr/

① The opening video stops you;


Benech Institute of neurological research https://www.benech-neurochirurgia.it/en/

① The opening video goes straight to the point;


String Ultra-modern medical equipment research and development https://string.com.pl/en/

① Ultra-modern medical equipment research and development

② Strong blue visual impact;


idcMedical device http://www.imagingdynamics.com/





Author: PithyMfweb_Gawain
Source: Station Cool
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